Man City vs New York Red Bulls Live
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Watch the Redbull New York Challenge Live at footytube
Good job footytube!
Damn, that is really great HD quality. I wish they could do every premier league like this or can they?....
How come Tiger Wood's commentating, maan that previously pro player sounds just like him!
Benfica is the best!!!!!!! no one can stop us and tottenham will see that when they came to lisbon and play against us in EUSEBIO CUP!
but liverpool rocked them in the euro cup
good idea this is
Took a lot of refreshes but eventually got it working. Veetle is either really good, or like that, on any given day.
It's so funny, you can change your comment on footytube.
For some reason, the comments doesn't match with the number watching the match. Looking at the live odds, bookie seems to leading us to believe a draw match. However, i root for Tottenham for a 3rd goal.
bout damn time in hd!
Well done footytube. well done.
wow. this is fantastic. footytube is starting to remind me of chuck norris..... what can't it do? :D
Henry!! epic
This is sweet! Thanks footytube!
hi krisyanth